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Reading: ‘Diabetic modernity’, COVID-19, and downfall of neoliberal global capitalism


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‘Diabetic modernity’, COVID-19, and downfall of neoliberal global capitalism


H. I. G. C. Kumara ,

University of Ruhuna, LK
About H. I. G. C.

Department of Geography

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R.A. W. D. Jayawardhana,

University of Ruhuna, LK
About R.A. W. D.
Department of English Language Teaching
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It has been discoursed, over decades, that global neoliberal capitalism and modernism is coming to an end. This paper aims at answering the question: Can novel coronavirus pandemic spell the death of neoliberal global capitalism? This study, which is based on secondary data related to Neoliberal Global Capitalism and COVID-19, along with development discourses, theories and ideologies, is guided by qualitative research methodology and inductive research approach. Critical Discourse Analyzing (CDA) method has been used to analyze data. The study reveals that modernity has gradually transformed into diabetic modernity owing to its integral properties: irrational human overconsumption and environmental degradation. As revealed in the study, not only does COVID-19 bring forth the end of neoliberal global capitalism, but also the rise of an even more threatening new form of capitalism in the post COVID era: ‘non-democratic state-centered capitalism. Under such hegemonic power transformation, diabetic modernity is capable of leading the human civilization to crisis; thus, the study proposes the new ideology of ‘Democratic Green Socialism’ to bring diabetic modernity under control.
How to Cite: Kumara, H. I. G. C., & Jayawardhana,, R. A. W. D. (2020). ‘Diabetic modernity’, COVID-19, and downfall of neoliberal global capitalism. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Review, 5(2), 75–97. DOI:
Published on 27 Dec 2020.
Peer Reviewed


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